Taxes and Currency

Currency: Prices on our web site are in EURO currency ( to check currency rates).

Please note: our system automatically recognize in which country you are, for example if you are in Spain the web site upper right hand corner will show the Spanish flag for the country (which means you are in Spain) and the English flag for the language (sorry right now this web site is only available in two languages). If you are in a different country please change it by clicking over the flag.

Taxes: web site shows prices tax excluded or included depending in which country you are or which country you choose as final destination:

  • European Union Countries: our web site prices are tax included.
    • Outside European Union Countries: our web site prices are tax excluded.

    For example if you are in UK, France, Spain etc (one of the UE countries) you will see and pay tax included prices.
    Otherwise if you are in US, Switzerland, Norway, Australia etc (outside UE) you will see and pay tax excluded prices.
    So outside EU citizens pay less than EU citizens? Absolutely No! Outside EU citizens pay Carpi Moto the price without taxes but will pay to the courier, at the delivery, their own country custom duties and value-added taxes; final price could be more less or equal, this depends on every country import policy.

    Invoice: every order we ship is billed.
    Invoice is billed using data filled in the "billing address fields". Please note that after invoice is drawn, no correction to the billing address could be done.

    Invoice Value, many customers from Turkey, India, Thailand etc ask us to undervalue the invoice: This is an invitation to commit a fraud, this kind of a request should be throw directly in the trash, but we always answer "it is not possible". Customers who don't understand "not possible" ask why: our courier clears just the right amount you pay because the invoice we bill to you has to be cleared as well at the Italian Custom Office, therefore if we issue a lowered invoice we fraud taxes in Italy, also if a parcel would be damaged during flight the courier would refund you only for the declared value. Please don't ask us to undervalue, it is like to ask to commit a crime, we will be pissed off and our answer will be always NO.