CHAINROAD by MA-FRA, long mileage chain grease, 250ml spray containergrease remover, 500ml spray container

CHAINROAD by MA-FRA, long mileage chain grease, 250ml spray container
grease remover, 500ml spray container

Manufacturer: Mafra

Part Number: CHAINROAD

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CHAINROAD is the ideal chain oil for all riders who make long trips and need their final transmission well-oiled and protected. It was developed by MA-FRA researchers working in close collaboration with experts from the leading bike manufacturers and with technicians from the top Superbike and GP teams. CHAINROAD passed the toughest duration trials at Endurance and Continent Travel events: the final result is outstanding, safe lubrication with maximum protection. Its distinctive red colour makes it easily identifiable on the chain, so that more can be applied at the right moment.

The name CHAINROAD identifies the product as suitable for road use by everyday bikers: its strong point is extreme resistance to use. CHAINROAD does not drip, does not stain the hubs and is designed for chains both with or without O-rings and X-rings.

CHAINROAD is available in handy 250 ml spray containers.

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