RK 520 GXW Gold & Gold Chain, 120 links, 520 size

RK 520 GXW Gold & Gold Chain, 120 links, 520 size


Manufacturer: RK

Part Number: K520GXW12002

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This Product is available in our warehouse
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"RK GXW Series are designed to be the top line for Superbike and Road Racing/Endurance Racing, featuring light weight, high strength and durability.
RK’s only technology of XW-Ring extremely improves the chain life and lower friction, providing high performance under extreme conditions such as 24 hours endurance races.
Applied on both Street Use, securing chain mileage as far as 20,000km, and also Track Usage, featuring high performance for the best lap time, proven by international race teams." (Source: RK Official web site)

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