Rear Indicator Adapter for Ducati XDiavel

Rear Indicator Adapter for Ducati XDiavel

Rear Indicator Adapter for Ducati XDiavelRear Indicator Adapter for Ducati XDiavel  

Manufacturer: Rizoma

Part Number: ZDM141B

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Adaptor for Original Indicators and for Optional Indicators.

Fits only the XDiavel Stock Short Saddle.

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  Customer Questions & Answers
 Does this adaptor take the AVIO 21 Indicator (FR021A) - for the Ducati XDiavel S?Are there any other cables required to fit the adaptor and the blinkers to the XDiavel S? Thank you.
Yes you can mount every indicator with 8mm fixing bolt like Avio, you shall use EE137H cables.

Wiring original indicators with this adapter is there any instruction available that show where to connect to and is there a plug and play cable kit for this i have the EE137H cables but I don’t see how they help at all unless your replacing the original indicators with Rizoma indicators in the stock position
The instruction are inside this page, download the pdf file and you will find the info you are looking for.

 I have looked at both downloadable pdf file on this page and i can not find any information about how to connect the cables or where on the bike to find the cables to plug in to
Step 5 of the install pdf file. Plugs are shown in the picture.

 Yes step 5 shows the plugs that are attached to the indicators, now where and how do I connect the Plugs shown in step 5 to the wiring harness of the bike ?Do you sell a plug and play bridging wire or do i need to cut up my existing wiring harness and custom rebuild my own wiring harness so that this product will work on my bike?I am really starting to feel that the level of difficulty is much higher than simple.And the time to assemble only covers the time that the installation of kit will take and you won’t be operational at this point
You use EE137H - "Rizoma Cable EE137H to install indicators with Rizoma PT528B Ducati XDiavel Outside Licence Plate and ZDM141B"

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