Braking Wave Brake Rotor KW34RID (1 Disk), dim. 228,5x102 mm

Braking Wave Brake Rotor KW34RID (1 Disk), dim. 228,5x102 mm

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The wave disk is a new and radical design that has many features that differ from standard disks.
Firstly the outside diameter is shaped to provide extra pad cleaning ability.
The wave shapes of the exterior diameter and of the inner profile of the braking track allow the disk to expand without deforming.
Basically the disk is always perfectly flat.
This design is covered with an international license (pat no. 99500110.4).
Braking know-how regarding the material and the applied working cycle allow us to obtain perfect disks in all aspects.
Long tests, first in the labs, then on the motorbikes, prepared to face a series of future projects that will follow shortly and will use most of the wave technology in future production.
Mainly features:

  • Strong initial grip with good modular capability
  • Constant backing on three points, with parallel wear of the pad
  • Upper peripheral surface with greater heat dissipation
  • Possibility of expansion on the medium circumference, thus avoiding conic deformation
  • Less weight
  • Continuous variation of the braking section which allows the pad "to float" without getting pasted to the track

FAQ: does it fit my caliper and my disk? Yes of course (only "oversize" do not fit yours).

N.B. Pictures describe family products, and could be not as the disk we will ship.
Check the ultimate applications and pictures directly from the official Braking web site

For some disks is available a "race use only" FULL FLOATING version. This version differes from the "traditional" one only because disk is full floating.
This is not a street legal disk, and it is really a noisy disk, ... the tpical noise/sound of the old full floating disks....

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