Givi Organizer Travel Kit T518

Givi Organizer Travel Kit T518

Givi Organizer Travel Kit T518Givi Organizer Travel Kit T518Givi Organizer Travel Kit T518Givi Organizer Travel Kit T518  

Manufacturer: Givi

Part Number: T518

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GIVI T518 Organizer Travel Kit

Givi Organizer Travel Set - 3 Piece Set consisting of: Pack Cube - Laundry Bag - Toiletery Bag

  1. Pack Cube: Rectangular storage bags: 2 soft bags supplied in different sizes (one medium and one large), with a mesh section in the lid and carrying handles for easy transportation.
    • Pair of rectangular storage bags in sizes medium and large.
    • Handle for easy transportation.
    • Breathable net fabric.
    • 2-way zip.
    • GIVI branding 
  2. Laundry Bag: a soft bag with draw-string closure and mesh sides to provide ventilation for clothing / laundry.
    • Drawstring closure.
    • Breathable net fabric.
    • GIVI branding.
  3. Toiletery Bag : Toiletry bag: a container for toiletries complete with a hook for hanging in the bathroom / shower-room and including a removable pocket for bottles.
    • External hook for hanging.
    • Internal net pocket.
    • Internal PVC compartment with zipper closure and small pocket.
    • Removable net fabric accessory with a hanging hook and compartments for bottles .
    • GIVI branding.


  • Big size Bag:
    • Height 260 mm
    • Base 240 mm
    • Width 140 mm
  • Mid size Bag:
    • Height 190 mm
    • Base 320 mm
    • Width 100 mm
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