Brake Pads ZCOO B002 EX Compound, (1 couple for 1 disk)

Brake Pads ZCOO B002 EX Compound, (1 couple for 1 disk)


Manufacturer: ZCOO

Part Number: 45B00200

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ZCOO brake pads are researched and developed with the priorities of carefully selected materials, manufacturing method and precision.
Brake pads run hot with the disk rotor during braking, and the pad expands. When the friction material of a pad expands, the back plate bends easily and the brake pad cannot touch the disc rotor evenly, which leads to deviant worn to the rotor or detachment of the friction material from the back plate. Whether or not good quality material is adopted for the friction material, the pad is worthless when the back plate bent.

It is braking to convert speed into heat. The temperature of the brake pad can exceed 600 degrees centigrade during circuit runs.

The development of ZCOO brake pads began with the manufacture of the back plate after having recognition of what is the most important aspect for the heat.
ZCOO Characteristic
ZCOO brake pads form ceramic coating on the disc rotor, and the coating largely reduces the damage, which sintered type brake pads tend to give to the disc rotor. Moreover, with particularity to the material of the back plate, the manfacturing method and original joining technology, ZCOO cancels the demerit of usual sintered brake pads such as fading and detachment at high temperature. This is ZCOO's "Ceramic Sintered Pad"
Two different types of linning:

  • EX Series (Ceramic Sintered) for Sprint race
    -The more you grip The braking lever, The more braking come in to force.
    EX series provide the best controllability.
    -Less damage to the disc rotor.
    -Little effect at high temperature.
    -Continuous stable braking force.
    -Less deterioration by the repetition of heat and cold
    -All weather
  • EX-C Series (Ceramic Sintered) for Endurance race and Wave disc rotor
    -High durability against wave shaped disc rotors (twice more than EX series)
    -Less damage to the disc rotor
    -High braking force from the early stages of braking
    -High controllability by easy braking release
    -All weather

Please Note that every product is a set of pads for 1 caliper therefore for 1 disk, so if your bike has two front disk the right quantity is 2 products

  Customer Questions & Answers
Hi, I'm unsure about the difference between the EX and EX-C break pads (other than the EX-C supports the wave discs). Could you please provide more details about what set them apart? I have the factory calipers on my ktm duke 790 you ship to the UK?Thanks in advance I see this is an Italian website so feel free to reply in Italian if that's your preference.
December / 06 / 2019
Hello. We already wrote a complete description and comparison, please read the product page and if you will send a specific question we will be glad to answer. We can say that are both completely different from oem pads.

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