Brembo Serie Oro Brake Rotor 68B407D6, one (1) Disk, for BMW, dim 305x181 mm

holes distance 203mm, holes diameter 14mm, thickness 5mm

Brembo Serie Oro Brake Rotor 68B407D6, one (1) Disk, for BMW, dim 305x181 mm; holes distance 203mm, holes diameter 14mm, thickness 5mm

Brembo Serie Oro Brake Rotor 68B407D6, one (1) Disk, for BMW, dim 305x181 mm  

Manufacturer: Brembo

Part Number: 68B407D6

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"SERIE ORO" is a synonymous of the Brembo brand.
Brembo "SERIE ORO" Products are worldwide recognised as Brembo Premium Parts and now again "SERIE ORO" is the name given to a range of discs characterized by top level engineering and quality.

Features : this disc is made from one piece of stainless steel, designed and shaped to produce a faultlessly engineered package, ultra-close manufacturing tolerances and selected machining cycles guarantee flatness and concentricity that will recommend Brembo disc to the most discerning of motorcyclists.

"SERIE ORO" brake discs are 100% interchangeable with standard discs, these are the choice of motorcyclists familiar with Brembo quality and willing to accept nothing less. Along with a new disk we recommend to install always new pads.

Price for (01) ONE disc.

Every Product includes:

  • 1 Disk

Please Note: not in the Brembo application: 68B407D6 is the front disk of R 850 R 94-02 & R 1100 R with spoked wheels, while 78B40846 is the disk for forged wheels

Please Note: any of the supported bikes use 305 or 320 diameter rotors, depends on the model year; Please check your rotor size or ask us using the "Support Forum" .
According to Brembo application list bikes that has cross applications are:

  • Brembo pn 68B407D6, diameter 305mm: K 1200 LT 99-01, K 1200 RS 99-00, R 1100 S 98-00
  • Brembo pn 68B407D7, diameter 320mm: K 1200 LT 02-, K 1200 RS 01-, R 1100 S 01-06
  • Brembo pn 78B40846, diameter 305mm: R 850 R 94-01, R 850 RT 95-01 without ABS

This disc is also available as 168B407D6, which includes 5 Bushes, 5 Washers, 5 Crinkle Washers (Brembo 105577612 kit).
When you need to order the version with Bushes and Washers? When the Bushes are riveted on the original disc and therefore can not be reused on the Brembo Serie Oro disc. Before ordering we recommend you to remove the original disc and check if the original bushes are removable.

when oem disc is made this way, order 68B407D6 when oem disc is made this way, order 168B407D6

In case of purchase of Brembo 68B407D7 or 68B407D6 disks, and, if you have to replace the original bushes, you can purchase the Brembo 105577615 Kit
NB: 105577615 replaces the original BMW bushes but is not compatible with BMW original disks, you can only use it with Brembo 68B407D7 and 68B407D6 discs.

Brembo Catalogue Application is limited to these models years only:

  • 850 R 850 C 98 > 01
  • 850 R 850 GS 98 > 07
  • 1100 R 1100 GS 94 > 01
  • 1100 R 1100 S 98 > 00
  • 1150 R 1150 GS 99 > 04
  • 1150 R 1150 GS ADVENTURE 02 > 05
  • 1200 HP2 ENDURO 06 > 09
  • 1200 K 1200 LT 99 > 01
  • 1200 K 1200 RS 97 > 00
  • 1200 R 1200 C 97 > 01
  • 1200 R 1200 C CLASSIC 03 >
  • 1200 R 1200 CL 02 > 06
  • 1200 R 1200 CRUISER 97 > 01
  • 1200 R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 06 > 07

Please also check pdf "Brembo_BMW_Application.pdf"


Purchase from us with confidence, Carpi Moto is an authorized and official Brembo dealer.

  Customer Questions & Answers
Ciao,I did not find from the cataloque rear brake disk that fits to BMW K1200 RS 2001 (EVO brake)==>.I think it is used in several BMW models. Could you please help me.Best regards,Jukka
June / 03 / 2015
Hello, Right Now Brembo doesn't produce a rear brake disc for your bike.

Hi Team,I own a BMW R1200 GS 2005 Model, thus I would kindly ask you to provide me with the exact part product number for replacing the front brake disks, including the corresponding brake pads.Please use Brembo as brand for the above replacements.Thanks in advance,
May / 30 / 2017
This is the front disk (2 disks required). If you have to replace the original bushes, you can purchase the Brembo 105577615 Kit (2 sets required). Pads are 07BB26SA for front (2 sets required), 07BB28SP for rear.

 Can I use this disk on my R 1200 GS 2007 with spoke wheel ?
July / 07 / 2017
We can't confirm. For Few R 1200 GS spoke wheel produced in 2007 and 2008, BMW used a different hub, using this disk the fixing screws touch the fork legs and the wheel can't move free.

 Hello, I apologize if the question is redundant but in this mess of codes it is always difficult to orientate.I should change front and rear disks + related pads. Motorcycle: K25 / R1200GS (0307) ABS 01/2007 with spoked wheels . Disk Original Part Code: Front: 34117713158, Rer: 34217664102 Is it possible to know which codes, including any pads, to put in the cart? Thank you very much and good job
February / 13 / 2020
Front disc 68B407D6 mounted on R 1200 GS 2007 spoked rims: disc compatibility is not confirmed because BMW produced different spoked wheel, some fit other don't, the difference is stated by the bolt that joins the disc to the rim because where it does not fit, using the Brembo 68B407D6 stops wheel rotation; since you gave us the original code 34117713158, go to the BMW spare parts page you will see that even BMW cannot identify which bolt is needed to mount the stock disc on front spoked rims, there are in fact two codes, bolt M8X25-10.9 ZNS3 BMW code 36317709543, bolt M8X20MK BMW code 34117713039; if not even BMW succeeds we certainly will not succeed. For other products, however, there are no doubts: Rear disc 68B407C0, 2x 07BB26LA pads, 1x 07BB28SP. Also we have no douubts for Forged wheel models they use 68B407D6 .

 Do you have rear break disc for my R1200C Independent 2001 BMW? Could you tell me if this model 68B407D6 is possible to install on the rear bike?
May / 14 / 2020
No, this is the front disk. Brembo does not produce a rear disk for your bike.

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