X-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteries

X-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteries

X-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteriesX-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteriesX-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteriesX-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteriesX-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteriesX-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteries  

Manufacturer: X-Charger

Part Number: XC-01

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XC-01 is the most Compact Battery Charger / Maintainer Water Proof and Dust Proof IP68 Outdoors Approved.

FULL AUTOMATIC Connect and Forget 12V Charger, performs Steps Charging and Maintenance. Just plug it in and it does everything itself. You can leave it connected for long periods without any manual intervention.

For all types of 12V Lead-Acid batteries WET, MF, GEL, AGM, VRLA.


Key Features:

  • Full Automatic Optimal Charging, Full Automatic Maintenance Charging.
  • Compact: Length 99mm, Width 50mm, Height 39mm
  • IP68 : Dust Tight (complete protection against dust), Water Immersion Proof. XC-01 can be used outdoors, can be used in extreme conditions/environments.
  • Protects Vehicle Electronics: no risk of damage to any electronic part.
  • Spark-Free, Reverse Polarity Protected and Short Circuit Proof.
  • Final Charge Optimization : always charges the battery to full capacity.
  • Maintenance: Controls and keeps batteries charged during periods of non-use.
  • Compatibility : the connecting plug is an SAE Connector used by most of the automotive manufactures, so that you can use all SAE compatible accessories, such as cigar plugs, USB plugs, OEM plugs etc.


What's Included:

XC-01, 180cm power cord ending with CEE 7/16 Plug (Europlug), 140cm battery cord ending with SAE Connector. Led: Yellow = Charge | Led: Green = Maintenance | Led: Red = Power

Weatherproof Permanent Battery Lead, 3A fused, length 60cm. Terminals: 8,5mm Eyelet > SAE Connector.

Fast Connection Battery Lead , length 60cm. Terminals: Clamps > SAE Connector..

How To Connect:

  • Using the included Fast Connection Battery Lead, just connect Clamps to the battery.
  • Using the included Battery Lead.
  • Using an optional cigar plug cord.
  • Using any of the SAE Connectors, for example Ducati DDA, MV, Triumph, BMW, etc.


How it Works :

BATTERY CHECK: If battery voltage is over 3V Starts Charging, if battery voltage is under 3V stands by.
BULK CHARGE : Charging using 1A Max Current until battery voltage reaches 13,5V.
CONSTANT CHARGE: Charging using 0,6A, battery slowly reaches the maximum capacity without overheating (it is very important for wet batteries).
ABSORPTION - FULL CHARGE : once battery reaches full capacity (about 14.4 / 14.6V, depending on the status and capacity of every battery), the current declines quickly until the voltage reaches 14.7V.
CONTROL : monitoring if the voltage drops below 13,7V.
PULSE MAINTENANCE: if the voltage drops below 13,7V, starts pulse maintaining, providing current pulses of about 0.2 - 0.4A to keep the battery charged at 95-100%.



CONSTANT CHARGE MAINTENANCE: if the voltage drops below 13,5V, starts constant charge maintenance at 0,6A; once battery reaches 13,5V starts pulse maintenance till reaching about 13,7V, and then returns to STEP 6. This functions starts only when battery can't keep the maximum charge. Does not necessarily indicate a problem with the battery.
CHARGE REACTIVATION : if the above function does not produce any result and the voltage drops below 12V, starts bulk charge at 1A until voltage reaches 13.5V, it is like it comes back to STEP 2. This step is a sign of a critical battery problem.


< 3V
> 3V
13,5V > 14,4V
14,4V > 14,7V
0,6A > 0,1A
14,7V > 13,7V
13,7V - 14,4V
0,2A - 0,4A

Charger can stay connected to the battery for long periods. In case of power blackout, once power is restored, charger automatically reactivates starting from the battery check. In any case don't leave batteries unattended and connected for long periods. Wet batteries could need water refill.


  • Q: Can I use it on my Motorcycle, Car, Truck, Quad etc? A: Yes, it is specific for every 12V Lead Acid Battery, wet or maintenance free. Can charge also Lithium LiFePO4 batteries (it is effective but not specific for Lithium batteries).
  • Q: Which kind of batteries can be charged ? A premise: when we need to charge a battery usually the battery charge is low, and when we need to maintenance the battery charge usually the battery charge is good. XC-01 maintains in charge High Capacity Batteries (up to 100Ah), Charges batteries from 1.2Ah up to 45Ah full discharged, Charges Batteries from 1.2Ah up to 80Ah partially discharged.
  • Q: What is the difference between Maintainer and Charger? A: a maintainer keeps battery charged for long periods without the need to be disconnected. A charger once the battery reaches full capacity has to be disconnected. XC-01 Charges and Maintains, just Connect and Forget.
  • Q: What is the XC-01's Maximum Charge Current ? A: 1A.
  • Q: You write that XC-01 can charge all batteries, but how is possible that such a small charger can charge a battery of a car or van, for example a 100Ah battery ?
    • Fully Discharged Battery : when the electrical system does not give any sign of life (no lights, no dash etc), it means that the battery is down (zero charge), XC-01 charges batteries from 1.2Ah up to 45Ah that are fully discharged, for example all motorcycle batteries, ATV, and small engine cars. Over 45Ah we found that some batteries can be charged , but others require a bulk charge of at least of 7A, unless the battery has not reached its lifecycle.
    • Partially Discharged Battery : when the electrical system gives signs of life but can't start the engine, it means that the battery charge is very low. XC-01 can charge most batteries from 1.2Ah to 80Ah with one limit: the time. Its bulk charge is 1A.
  • Q: I received XC-01, plugged to the main power, then I measured the current and there was no output, is this normal? A: Yes, XC-01 supplies current only when it is connected to a battery.
  • Q: Can I use this to charge a Lithium Battery ? A: Yes, you can use it. We tested also on lithium batteries, constantly monitoring the current and voltage, XC-01 successfully completed the charging and maintenance cycle of a lithium battery, and did not compromise the battery in any way. However, XC-01 is not specific for lithium batteries; lithium batteries require(s different) a slightly different charging cycle. Also because they discharge very slowly, they do not need pulse maintenance (required to maintain lead acid batteries). The specific model for lithium batteries is XC-02.
  Customer Questions & Answers
cerco carica batteria per Mazda 3 .La batteria in dotazione è di 60A , potrete dirmi quale modellograzie
August / 09 / 2011
Consiglio X-Charger XC-01 la mantiene in carica senza problemi. Se è completamente scarica e la devi caricare in poche ore devi acquistare quelli con una maggiore corrente di ricarica, ad esempio SM1270.

I have the new model BMW S1000R, is this charger safe to leave the battery connected and the CAN system will accept its connection to the bike without damage to the system? Thanks I believe BMW have a special battery charger for this reason.
May / 22 / 2014
The BMW has a special connection to avoid start while a battery charger is still connected, this is the main reason. This charger don't work with can , simply connect to battery. I keep using it on my BMW bike and car with success.

Is X-Charger XC-01 compatible with Magneti Marelli Lithium Battery (ie. MMYZ10S)? Can the charger be used for "Jump Start" a bike or car?
January / 25 / 2016
Hi, you can use XC-01 also with Lithium battery. You can't use it for "jump start"... it is not a jump starter

Will it fit 110V voltage?  
February / 02 / 2016
Yes sure from 100 TO 240VAC so far worldwide

 Hello I would like and advise between two products:X-Charger XC-01 Waterproof Bike / Car Battery Charger, 1 Ah, for every 12V batteriesNOCO G3500EU 6V & 12V 3.5A UltraSafe Smart Battery ChargerWhich one advises me to keep the battery of my CBR 600 RR always in good condition.Thank you
May / 16 / 2016
Both will take care of your battery. NOCO G3500 price is more than twice the price of XC-01 because has more features not included in XC-01.

 Can I use to Jump start My Honda Africa Twin Xrv 750 motorcycle?
May / 18 / 2017
No, This is not a jump starter but a battery charger / mantainer.

 Hello, I would like to know if it works just straight from box with KYMCO AK 550? There is some white connector builded on AK 550, will it work directly with this or I need to change something on bike? Thank you
January / 11 / 2019
As far we know on AK 550 there is not a plug to link directly to the battery, then you shall connect the part " 2 " to the battery.

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