Brake Pads Brembo 07BB209A Rear Genuine Parts Sintered Street with Heat Shield (1 couple for 1 disk)

Brake Pads Brembo 07BB209A Rear Genuine Parts Sintered Street with Heat Shield (1 couple for 1 disk)


Manufacturer: Brembo

Part Number: 07BB209A

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Brembo Genuine Parts Pads.

Selected by motorcycle manufacturers, Genuine brake pads are available in various compounds, each of which is characterised by a different friction coefficient. The friction coefficient is expressed with a number that has a value from 1 to 99: the higher the value of this number the higher the friction coefficient of that particular compound will be.

  • 01-35 : This is the Carbon Ceramic material developed by Brembo as OEM equipment. The evolution of the organic compound, featuring a higher carbon content. This friction material offers increased mileage, and good performance in all conditions: heat and cold, wet and dry.
  • Over 50 : This is the Sintered material developed by Brembo as OEM equipment, guarantee a high friction rate at every temperatures and with every weather.Demanding motorcyclists choose this pads for their combined low ware and high friction rate.

Please Note that every product is a set of pads for 1 caliper therefore for 1 disk, so if your bike has two front disk the right quantity is 2 products

We work hard every day to correct any application mistake, we published all the information we have to let you check if the pads are correct, before ordering use the informations you find on our web site,

We provided all the tools to ensure the compatibility, on our part we can not be responsible for any application mistake, however , before and after your purchase we will be glad to assist you, to advise and to solve any issues and to facilitate an eventual replacement .


Purchase from us with confidence, Carpi Moto is an authorized and official Brembo dealer.

  Customer Questions & Answers
Hi, I am looking for some pads for the Brembo Rear Caliper SuperSport CNC P2 34(120A44130), I found the 07BB2035 & 07BB2065 linked with the caliper, the 07BB2065 is Sintered and it should perform better than the 07BB2035, is this fit with above caliper? and what is the "9A"? Is it better than "65"? Thanks.
April / 11 / 2017
Hi, oem pads for this caliper are 07BB2035. 07BB2065 and 07BB209A have better performance because they are sinter. "9A" compound is better than others

 Volevo sapere se per migliorare le prestazioni di frenata al posteriore del mio multistrada 1200 2011 mi consigliate queste pastiglie o magari altre di altra mescola.Grazie
May / 27 / 2018
Queste sono le pastiglie posteriori più performanti prodotte da Brembo. Se vuoi frenata più pronta ed aggressiva sono corrette.

 Hi, you offer this brake pads with or without "heat shield". What is the difference and which should I choose?
April / 23 / 2019
It depends on the performance you want from the rear caliper, for example this pad sets is the top of the Brembo Genuine pads line, used on most powerful engines motorcycles. But on a small engine or on dirt they won't be a good solution because the braking would be too prompt and aggressive.

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