LighTech Aluminum Engine Oil Filler Cap for Yamaha, color Purple, dim. M26x3


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This Product is available in our warehouse
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Oil Filler Cap perfectly interchangeable to the original one.

If ride any race day you can pass through a safety steel wire.

Installation: just twist off the cap, if present, remove the original "o" ring, and use it with Lightech cap.

Strictly Alu 7075 T6 produced, are available in these colors: blue-turquoise, blue-indigo, red, gold, silver, black.

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  • Yamaha
    •    MT-07 14-16
    •    MT-07 14-17 ABS
    •    MT-07 18-
    •    Tenere 700
    •    Tracer 700 16-19
    •    XSR700