Denso Iridium Power Long Life VUH27D Spark Plug

Denso Iridium Power Long Life VUH27D Spark Plug


Manufacturer: Denso

Part Number: VUH27D

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Looking for Top Spark Plug, IRIDIUM POWER is your choice.

DENSO’s patented iridium alloy is extremely tough and wear-resistant. This makes it possible to produce a spark plug with a centre electrode of just 0.4 mm. Iridium Power spark plug gives a stronger spark and better ignition performance in all areas of driving. These plugs can withstand even the most severe conditions and have proven themselves in original equipment and racing. This product gives DENSO the leading position in iridium spark plug technology.

The result? Increased acceleration and torque compared to regular plugs

For a complete description please browse official Denso web site here

We have tried to fill a correct application list for every plug. However our application list could not meet your bike specifics (for ex different from Europe to USA), or could change without any notice. Do not consider our list contractual. Before ordering please check Denso Official Application List

  Customer Questions & Answers
Good night,I would like to know, how much km I have to change the denso iridium vuh27d to my HONDA CBR 900RR OF 2002.Thank you,Bye,
June / 24 / 2009
Depends on type of use, usually 40.000 km

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