Rizoma Brake Lever Feel LB102 for Honda CBR600RR 03-06, adjustable, color Black

Rizoma Brake Lever Feel LB102 for Honda CBR600RR 03-06, adjustable, color Black


Manufacturer: Rizoma

Part Number: LB102B

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This Product is available in our warehouse
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Aesthetics and practicality are naturally of the highest order, in accordance with Rizoma traditions; the lever is shaped from the solid and anodized in three colors, (black, gold and natural billet).
The design of the system is the result of very thorough research, which led the company to decide to patent it.
From the practical point of view, there are ultra fine lines on the front to give the driver’s hand the right degree of grip and an articulated joint to avoid breakage in the event of a slide.
The technology used in the construction is of the highest order; the lever offers a wide range of adjustment and moves on bearings with return springs specifically for operational precision, reliability and durability.

Price is only for lever.
Brake lever fits only oem controls.

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  • Honda
    •    CBR 600 RR 03-04
    •    CBR 600 RR 05-06
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