PULICASCO by MA-FRA, cleaner for the inner helmet

75ml spray container

PULICASCO by MA-FRA, cleaner for the inner helmet; 75ml spray container


Manufacturer: Mafra

Part Number: PULICASCO

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PULICASCO is a special spray designed to clean inside the helmet and is also perfect for cleaning of all types of saddles, gloves, jackets, etc. As it is neutral, completely atoxic and non-aggressive, it fits the bill perfectly for those who cover many miles in the saddle and like their helmet to have lasting freshness.

PULICASCO completely transforms the concept of hygiene and the MA-FRA R&D Centre has put a great deal of energy into making it truly one of a kind.

PULICASCO disinfects and cleans inside the helmet by dissolving foul odours from the padding. It has an excellent cleaning action which makes it ideal in numerous situations.

PULICASCO does not damage the visor or leave halos. It is neutral on varnishes, metals, pelts and plastics in general and, of course, facial skin. It is a must-have for motorbike-hire companies, contains anti-odour bactericides and is absolutely atoxic and ecological. It is an effective time-saving device, eliminating the need to take apart and wash each part individually.

PULICASCO does not contain dangerous propellants nor does it pollute the environment. Shake the product and spray it directly onto the desired surface from a distance of 20cm. The product is left to work for several minutes and then wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.

PULICASCO is sold in handy 75ml formats.

PULICASCO è in vendita in comodi flaconi da 75 ml.

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