Complete Stickers Set Suzuki Alstare Corona 2006, official kit


Manufacturer: Adesivi / Stickers

Part Number: SBS500

We expect to receive the item from a distributor within 10 to 15 days of your order.

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We expect to receive the item from a distributor within 10 to 15 days of your order.
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Get your bike a new look, a racing look with Suzuki Alstare Corona 2006 stickers .

This is the official Alstare Corna sticker kit!

It is really easy to install, just coat your bike with yellow, the rest is all stickers.

Our stickers keep intact shape and color for years and could be painted over with clear paint.

Customize this kit with a rimstriping tape kit

Download detailed kit layout here

  Customer Questions & Answers
 are these stickers blue or purple I know there are some differences in color, and would it really take that long to deliver?
March / 13 / 2014
They are as used in 2006 on the official SBK, Deep Blue and Purple and Purple for the crown.

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